Chinese cities’ publication and patent output

Knowledge output in Chinese cities

An interactive visualisation of the development of patent and publication output in major Chinese cities. Click on the image to open the interactive version. In the interactive version, to re-run the time series animation, move the mouse over the years on the bottom right corner of the image.

Chinese cities

Source: ZSI, Mike Bostock, Tom Carden and Gapminder for the visualisation; Datenna and Web of Science for the data.

What we show here is the development of publication and patenting output in Chinese cities using data from Web of Science and Datenna. The size of the bubbles represents population of the metropolitan area (according to wikipedia in 2016). In the interactive version (click on the image), the data shows, among other things:

  • the general growth in output and the prominence of Beijing and Shanghai in terms of publication output
  • the relevance of Shenzhen as an industry hub with significant patent output
  • the astonishing growth of patent output in Suzhou

This is a modified version of Mike Bostock’s recreation in D3 of Gapminder’s Wealth & Health of Nations, made famous by Hans Rosling’s memorable 2006 TED talk.